Cyber Security - An Intelligent Business Decision

As the popularity of cyber devices increases every year, so does the threat of cyber intrusion into your business. It would be easy to think that hackers only target large corporations, but unfortunately, every business is prospective prey for a hacker. Here's how an ethical hacking test can highlight the weaknesses in your business's security measures. So, make an intelligent investment in Cyber Security, and protect your business today.

Ethical Hacking – Why you need it

Ethical hacking, also called penetration testing, is a way of detecting vulnerabilities in an application, system, or business's infrastructure that a hacker could use to exploit and gain access to your data. We're here to highlight your problem areas, help stop hackers from invading your business, and build upon the triad of data security; confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


How do hackers find out how to best target your business? What information are you inadvertently leaking which undermines your own security? Identifying this helps you plan for better information security.

Systems Analysis

Your firewalls and application configuration are your first line of defence. By scanning your publicly exposed networks we can identify where weaknesses exist, and advise the best way to shore up your defences.


Threats don't only exist on the internet, a vulnerability on an insecure device inside your network is just as likely to be exploited by one of your own users. By enumerating these vulnerabilities, and advising of defensive tactics, we can help you reduce this possibility to a minimum.

Social Engineering

No amount of technology will ever ensure your business' complete safety because your team members are likely to be your weakest link. Let us perform safe tests on your staff to raise cyber awareness and help you target appropriate training.

Web Applications

Is your website secure? Exactly what customer data is being leaked via those cookies it uses? Can visitors bypass controls or inject information of their own?

Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi is highly convenient, but is it absolutely necessary in order to run your business, and if so, is it secure?

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