Footprinting – Every Step Can Leave a Mark


Your presence on the internet is a delicate balance; you need to get your message out to a broader audience, but at what cost to your security?

DNS Entries

People can learn many things about an organisation from its DNS entries alone. DNS records where SMTP servers need to send your emails, where your website is hosted, what organisations can send emails on your behalf, and much, MUCH more. Here is where AMITC can help. We can check your DNS entries for you; work with you to determine they are all correct and necessary, and help you decide if any entries can be removed to try and prevent would-be attackers from locating sensitive services.


Marketing departments help bring attention to your business and generate much-needed income. But telling the world about a customer success story could be just the information a phishing attack needs to expose you or your customer's business. We can bring your attention to how somebody can use this information against you.

Websites are also an ideal location to give your customers access to download documentation. But have you perhaps left the author's name in that Word document, forgotten about a hidden worksheet in an Excel workbook, or maybe the website developer has inadvertently included comments in their markup which would help an attacker gain access?

Social Networks

Your employees are often keen to tell their nearest and dearest, and all those friends from school thirty years ago, just how well they are doing. And quite honestly, what they choose to publish can be entirely out of your control. But this information can help phishing, spear-phishing, and whaling attempts succeed! We can provide an overview of how a hacker might perceive your company management structure to craft a clever phishing email, for example, a request supposedly from the managing director to the finance director instructing them to transfer funds to a hacker's bank account.

Your online footprint leaves a mark wherever you step, so let AMITC provide you with a clear, safe path to promote and grow your business.